THE VETERINARIAN'S GUIDE TO HEALTHY PET PLANS      How To Design, Implement and Measure Your Way to Preventive Care Plan Success

3. Overcome financial push back.

    As Healthy Pet Plans are traditionally discounted, they can help counter the perception of being an "expensive" hospital

4.  Enhance the quality of patient care.

     Healthy Pet Plans, when properly constructed, are tremendous tools to utilize "best practices" medicine and increase compliance of preventative services.

 5.  Offer market differentiation.

     Healthy Pet Plans can serve as a differentiating service that can help set you apart from nearby colleagues......

Chapter 1

     A Healthy Pet Plan is a compilation of preventative care services, bundled together and typically discounted.  These plans typically provide the option of monthly payment installments, allowing clients to budget for their pets' health care in more easily affordable amounts.  Most importantly, these are marketing plans.  When correctly positioned, they not only benefit your clients and patients, but also the financial fitness of your practice and the mental well-being of your staff.

Depending on the present offerings of your practice you might have differing reasons to implement healthy pet plan strategies.  These may include:

1. Increasing competitive pressures

     Healthy Pet Plans are basically loyalty plans; they represent a one year commitment to obtain veterinary services from the hospital by the client.

2. Method to increase the number of visits per year per client.

     Increasing visits help bond the client to the practice, help aid in early detection of diseases by examining the pet at more frequent  intervals and creates opportunities for enhanced client education.